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Strata Comparables: Harnessing Data for Real Estate Search

Adam Major
Zealty Online Search Inc.

Adam Major is the owner of a strata management company, Holywell Properties, on BC’s Sunshine Coast. As his side hustle, he co-founded real estate search site Zealty.ca. Zealty is a leading, BC focused, real estate search site with some specific tools for comparing strata properties. Zealty has a free data base of over 10,000 strata properties where anyone can compare information on a strata’s bylaws, management company, selling and assessed prices, strata fees and more. Adam will demonstrate how Realtors, Buyers and Strata Councils can access data on Zealty and discuss how Zeatly is working to provide more open data and free information for our users.

Zealty launched in 2018 and was the first website in BC to provide MLS Sold Data to the public. Hosted by Holywell Properties, Zealty.ca displays MLS Data behind a password protected site for clients to log in and access information for free. Zealty has an interactive mapping program with property boundaries for the entire province. Zealty also has unique statistical information including historical and daily sales reports. Zealty provides assessment data and has recently partnered with BChome.ai to provide automatic property valuations for all homes in BC.

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