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How PowerStrata can Help Solve Day-to-Day Challenges Faced by BC Strata Corporations and Strata Management Companies

Nancy Wu
Client Success Specialist
Power Strata Systems Inc.

Whether you are a single, self-managed strata corporation or a management company with hundreds of stratas, PowerStrata is designed for you. It is the only full-featured, comprehensive BC property management platform there is, and is tailor-made based on the requirements of strata managers and strata councils, as well as BC strata legislation. This year, we are adding our own integrated accounting system. It’s only for strata accounting, it’s designed specifically around BC strata accounting requirements and terminology, and it will simplify and transform the way strata accounting is done in BC. It will make PowerStrata truly an end-to-end, single-source solution. In this presentation, we will show you how PowerStrata can help you manage any type of strata and any number of stratas more efficiently and effectively and solve the day-to-day challenges that are commonly faced by management companies, strata council and section executive members, as well as strata owners and tenants.

Power Strata Systems Inc. is a BC-based, BC-focussed software development company. Since 2010, our singular obsession has been on developing a comprehensive strata management platform and web portal that helps BC strata corporations and strata management companies to successfully administer and manage the day-to-day operations of strata corporations in a more efficient and effective way. Our innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective system is for any type of strata of any size and complexity, and is used by everyone in a strata community, from owners and tenants to council and section executive members to strata managers and their staff. With a full suite of strata management features that work equally well via desk-top or mobile access, and now in 2024 with a new integrated accounting system designed specifically for BC strata accounting, PowerStrata is truly the most complete, end-to-end BC strata management system there is.

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