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Using web based services to build better strata communities

Jim Hooton
Vice President & Founding partner of StrataCommons

Access to the internet has become a modern day requirement for most. Recent surveys show that almost all Canadians have several computers with access to web services. We have seen how this can work for good or bad. All of us are aware of how the bullies among us can use the internet to do serious harm with apparent ease and little consequence. Can Stratas enlist web based services to do good instead of harm? With some careful planning and monitoring, I believe we can use these systems to help us build better strata communities.

Jim Hooton lives in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and has served on his strata council for the last ten years. For the first nine years, the Strata was self administered, and Jim volunteered as secretary treasurer managing the finances and record keeping. This role fit well with his background as a Dean of Students in the B.C. post secondary education community. Some years ago, Jim partnered with Jo Hund, the CEO of ClearCove Software to develop a web-based service for strata councils called the Organizer. Jo had been the president of a housing co-operative in Victoria and had experience with developing software for the “community” based housing sector. In addition, Jim and Jo developed a provincial service called the Forum. Jim sees web based software as an opportunity for owners to have a more effective, productive and meaningful strata experience.

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